Welcome to the Party!



So, as you can tell… we’re new here. We’re as fresh as a daisy and ready to rock your world.

 Before you go any further, you’ve definitely got to learn a little bit more about us. After all, we’re going to be spending a lot of quality time together (you and our products that is).

Here are five top facts you need to know about Above the Skin Skincare before you scroll any further;

 1. We’re Advocates For Good

We are. We like good things. We believe it’s important to create and produce products that are good for the world, good for the people, and good for the soul.

That’s why we took our time to carefully create an all Aussie-made, completely organic, and 100% cruelty-free product range. And we think that’s 110% awesome.

2. You’ve Got to Meet Our Founder

The brains behind Above The Skin Skincare, Megan Eldridge, is also the brains behind Beneath The Skin Injectables. So, she knows what’s above, beneath and all around the skin areas.

Megan is a fully registered nurse, who understands the intricacies and workings of the skin from her 11 years working hands-on in the industry.

She knows it. She knows it well. And you’re just going to love her as much as we do! Read more about Megan here!

3. We’ve Got the Goods

 Our products are what brings us to the skincare club.

We wanted to help any person with any skin type. That’s why we’ve come up with a strong product base that NOURISHES, REPAIRS, REJUVENATES, HYDRATES AND REFRESHES.

Meet our family:

4. We’re All For Bundles

While we love quality products, we also love quality products for exceptional costs. After all, we’re all here to party and if we can do it on a budget… sign us up. That’s why we’ve created our bundles. You can have access to our products, information, and experts and STILL have pennies left for an espresso martini (or two) on a Friday.

The cost of our products is another driving factor behind our goal to provide quality products and services that are accessible to any person who wants to use them. 

Check out our super saver bundles here

5. We’re Here For Fun

We’re here to put the fun back into skincare, and we’re so glad you’re here for it.

We’ve put the hard yards into creating the best in skin products so that all you have to do is have a great skincare routine and a whole heap of fun!



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